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                MLT Design and Alterations                Seamstress/ Designer                        Owner: Moriah Turner

                Human Terrain                                    Costume Designer                              Director: Benjamin Brownson  (Broken Nose Theater) 

                Guardian                                             Costume Designer                              Director: Arianna Soloway (Mary- Archie Theater)

                The Rise and Fall of Little Voice         Costume Designer                              Director: Erin Brady (No Stakes Theater Project)

                New Dances                                        Costume Designer                             Company: Thodos Dance Chicago *2015 and 2016

                Diana's Bridal                                      Alterations Specialist                          Owner: Diana

                David's Bridal                                      Alterations Specialist                          Manager: Cindy M.  

                This Is How It Goes                            Seamstress                                         Designer: Nathan Roeher (University of Chicago)

                Crate and Barrel                                 Wardrobe and Prod. Assistant            Stylist: Agga B.

                Columbia College Chicago                 Promotional Photo Stylist                    Direction and Producer: Dawn Jones

                A Streetcar Named Desire                 Costume Designer                               Company: Pulse Theater  Company

                M2057 "Maria Pinto"                           Sales and Misc.                                  Designer and Owner: Maria Pinto

                Land of Plenty!                                    Costume Designer                              Director: Larry Boa   Company: Tiger in the Bush

                Thodos Dance Chicago                      Alterations Specialist                           Artistic Director: Gail Ford  

                River North Dance Chicago                Wardrobe                                            Head Wardrobe: Liz Meenan

                Kids and Ghosts (Feature Film)          Assistant Costume Designer              Designer: Rebecca Perkins

                Driven 2 Dance                                   Design and Construction                    Owner: Tiffany Van Ploeg

                Peter and the Wolf                              Projection Screen Seamstress           Director and Designer: Chelsea Warren  

                Wedding Dresses by ‘Auriah”             Design, Construction, Alterations       Co-Founder with Autumn Rentsch

                Columbia College Costume Shop       Design and Construction                    Tom Kieffer and Patricia Roeder

                Ivywild                                                 Assistant Costume Designer               Designer: Alison Siple                         

                Aspire Dance Company                      Design and Alteration                         Choreographer: Maureen Gonzoles  

                Ground Effects: Vital Signs                 Costume Designer                              Choreographer: Colleen Halloran                 


Related Experience

Columbia College Chicago Theater

                Heartbreak House                               Costume Designer                             Director: Kathleen Perkins

                The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek           Costume Designer                             Director: Arianna Soloway

                Killers                                                  Costume Designer                              Director: Erin Brandy                             

                The Collection                                     Costume Designer                              Director: Kate Hardiman                        

                The Photographer                               Assistant Costume Designer               Designer: Delia Ridenour  

                City on the Make                                 Assistant Costume Designer               Designer: Madison Percival     

Columbia College Chicago Dance Center

                Remnants                                           Costume Designer                              Choreographer: Luis Segoviano

                Current but Temporary                       Costume Designer                              Choreographer: Chelsea Johnson        

                The Resistance                                  Costumer Designer                             Choreographer: Ela Olarte                      

                Untitled 7                                            Co-costume Designer                         Choreographer: Callie Frey                     

Columbia College Chicago Film

                Fallen Angel                                       Costume Designer                             Director: Rachel Rosen

                Executive Kong                                  Wardrobe/ Stylist                               Director: Phil White

                Dragger                                              Set Costumer                                     Director: Patrick Richter

                 ‘Caught In Love’ Music Video           Wardrobe/Stylist                                Director: Hadell Al-Hadidi                  

                The City Gardner                                Make-up and Costume Assist           Director: Sarah Williams Gerber       

Columbia College Chicago Costume Shop

                 Mary Stuart                                       Seamstress                                         Designer: Frances Maggio 

                 Hairspray                                          Cutter and Seamstress                       Designer: Tom Kieffer

                 Hecuba                                             Draper and Seamstress                      Designer: LaVisa Williams



                -Columbia College Chicago (c/o 2014)

                                 -Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater (Theater Design)

                                 -Styling and Costume for Media, TV, Film and Entertainment (Fashion Studies)


Skills and Awards

                      -Construction –Draping  -Patternmaking  -Alteration  -Crocheting  -Millinery  -Fabric and Shoe Dyeing                         

  -Driver License and Car –Sewing Machine –Serger –Dress Form

-Word -Photoshop -Microsoft Software -Apple Software -Sync On Set

            -2014 Merritt Awards: The John Murbach Columbia College Chicago Prize

2014 Michael Merritt Design Awards

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